Physics of love – Poem for you – Akshay kumar das #Throwback #14.01.2018

If you were sine^2 “i ” and i being cos^2 “u“then we both will be equal to onelike sin2(x)+cos2(x)=1but to make “u” as a cos^2 “i” I need two side love Same as our Cosine rule requires either3 sides or 2 sides Oops and the included anglejust like i’m who is mad about youLove meContinue reading “Physics of love – Poem for you – Akshay kumar das #Throwback #14.01.2018”

I owe you creator ! – Akshay kumar das

I owe you creator !Yes, I owe you greater !You just created all this for usto convey that you are among us I love that sweetness of Guava fruit that, chilly plant got enormous hot Not yet bloomed hibiscus blooms when right time comes which teach us to be calm not to grin at othersContinue reading “I owe you creator ! – Akshay kumar das”

What’s the Matter Girl! – A poem by A.K Das

All that I know is youAll you know is meIn this mere fate of possibilitiesI met you You “Then” become mylove“Now” I’m supposed to be your Love What’s the matter Girl!I’m purest souljust have curiosity to know this nature and you when everything else of this life is going wellI still find voids in lifeyouContinue reading “What’s the Matter Girl! – A poem by A.K Das”

Biggest discovery – Akshay Kumar das

I believe time works for everyone as same as it does to all famous inventors and scientists, they invented zero of binary to A.I of Asimo. What should I discover now?? I think I should discover, a formula to make everyone love each other and create peace. first of all, is there any such formula? LOL, causeContinue reading “Biggest discovery – Akshay Kumar das”

Ideas and thoughts are more important – Heartlines for you – Akshay Kumar das

If the ideas are brought down in life clearly, then thoughts can change the life of any person, isn’t it? thoughts of our mind have such capabilities, then why not have fruitful thoughts all the time…There is nothing impossible in this world. We can do all that we can think and we can think allContinue reading “Ideas and thoughts are more important – Heartlines for you – Akshay Kumar das”

Do your Karma ! – Akshay Kumar das

Some of these golden words are as follows:—-If you react politely (the Karma of being polite), Yes that can be done, to all the situations, you can beat it. —- Don’t postpone the things, do it at right time and keep up that charm of being active… —-So simple everyone knows present actions can have an influenceContinue reading “Do your Karma ! – Akshay Kumar das”

Love everyone-Heart Lines for you- By Akshay Kumar das

When you open your mind just a bit, Try to close your eyes, amidst nature will probably help you more. You might find yourself, yes that’s for sure. Nature does that brilliant job, Try… isolation will show you that you are more strong, your presence will illuminate more than anyone else’s importance. So when youContinue reading “Love everyone-Heart Lines for you- By Akshay Kumar das”

RAAGA RETREAT – 3, Music with Nature #Nirvani Group

Hai my fellow readers, how are you all? Yes, this took a long time to write back as always. LOL . Sorry for the delay. That day she called me, “I utterly failed”, She said. “What’s wrong Honey”, I asked She replied that “I sat on Ladder to sing “, but that isn’t working well”Continue reading “RAAGA RETREAT – 3, Music with Nature #Nirvani Group”

Krishna on Radha’s lap asked – Heartlines by Akshay Kumar das

Amidst the deep forest, Krishna on Radha’s lap asked “Hey Radha you opened your eyes just because to take a look at my face? After eleven months !!, when Vrishbhanu with his family came to Gokul to see Nandbaba then you opened your eyes for the first time!! Are you crazy??   “I would probably neverContinue reading “Krishna on Radha’s lap asked – Heartlines by Akshay Kumar das”

One shines brighter than them here – Heartlines by Akshay Kumar das

A million stars up in the sky, sparkling with immense beauty One shines brighter than them here, on the planet That’s you! Hundreds of precious moments in the past One remains best for me, to recall & to re-live That’s meeting you! I can’t deny, the best word is always from you That is whenContinue reading “One shines brighter than them here – Heartlines by Akshay Kumar das”

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