Sunshine Blogger Award – Thank you for Nomination

When I started this blogging journey, I had no idea, and all that I wanted to share was my physics thoughts and some stories. later poetry, prose that I started to write. WordPress site beautifully designed my blog, my technical publications helped me to enjoy this writing… now and forever. Yes, it’s my 7th yearContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award – Thank you for Nomination”

Sunshine Blogger Award – Nomination

Hi Friends, back with new post?, no new Tag/Blogger award nomination, Yes, I’m happy that in eleven nomination of my fellow blogger, I’m one of them, cause it’s a supab and really great to be “Recognized by someone for this award. “ Here I’m introducing the person who nominated me, She writes for life, forContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award – Nomination”

TAG: Sunshine Blogger Award – Nominated by Akshaya Thulasi

Hello my fellow bloggers, how are you guys doing? I was nominated for Sunshine blogger awards by Akshaya Thulasi one of my fellow bloggers. The link: About Nominator: It is really great feeling to me my blogging journey helped me to get connected with many readers, especial prolific writers like Akshaya thulasi. her dedicationContinue reading “TAG: Sunshine Blogger Award – Nominated by Akshaya Thulasi”

The Blogger Recognition Award – Thank you !!

Hello friends and my fellow bloggers, writers, poets all. How are you guys doing? Hope You can recognize me… I mean from my blog name.. Will that flash..? a guy writes something with tagline… Melodies Physics. haha, Hopefully, you can connect with me… I like to Thank the power of the Internet, which connect allContinue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award – Thank you !!”


I Really Thank sandali singh for nominating me for Blogger recognition award. Sandali writes well, You’re not learning poet, Your Learnt poet. keep Writing, Keep inspiring your thoughts. I’m very much curious about the things which I see and experience daily… I write my feelings and some experiences in a book or paper so thatContinue reading “THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD”

Blue Sky Tag Blog Award – My First Nomination

When someone recognizes our thoughts we will be honored. It’s a Big achievement when someone says your writings are read-worthy.I am thankful for this nomination to Blue Sky Tag Award. Vaibhav nominated me for this Award. Thank You, Vaibhav… Below you can find the rules for Blue Sky Tag Blog Award. 1.Thank the personContinue reading “Blue Sky Tag Blog Award – My First Nomination”

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