Physics of love – Poem for you – Akshay kumar das #Throwback #14.01.2018

If you were sine^2 “i ” and i being cos^2 “u“
then we both will be equal to one
like sin2(x)+cos2(x)=1
but to make “u” as a cos^2 “i” I need two side love

Same as our Cosine rule requires either
3 sides or 2 sides Oops and the included angle
just like i’m who is mad about you
Love me back to make two sides at-least

Another “you” who is not completing my Angle
I’m worried if it would end up in a “Triangle love
”Or ” Polygon love, before it is too late to try to become
My complete 360-degree circle you being in circumference

Because when we rotate i will be forced
away due to Centripetal force, i will stay
with you forever ! in circumference
so that i will come closer

I’m not the only planet who revolve around you,
many planets are revolving!! you attract
all like Sun does it, well, that fear of losing
you in a Singularity!! is also there

being single forever !! is the biggest nightmare
just like data lost in a Black hole is never reversible,
I don’t want to lose your interest towards me
maybe to explain you the easier way

It’s 2nd law of Thermodynamics,
can be used to determine
whether a Process/love is reversible or not.
above may create my scenario into

Solving your puzzle of
she likes me or she likes me not !!
Reversible or Irreversible to make you
fall in my love, My Guru (Einstein) says

Falling in love is not at all the most
stupid thing that people do-but Gravitation
cannot be held responsible for that”
just make a proportional effort to like me.

Where i stay there are 12.9716° N,
77.5946° E longitude, and latitude

it’s Bangalore city, India,
we are in higher Altitude

So Acceleration due to Gravity (g) may change
so attraction between you and me may vary!
where ever you stay!
it’s the best place.

Let me come There,
I will come by Teleportation
Yes you heard it right!
Quantum teleportation

One can travel from one point to another without
actually traveling physically!
The Tiniest particle which can form
a Bond with you is “i”

the Force behind my existence is “you”
you’re the momentum, to my work which
I often don’t do it! you motivate me
without which i’m stubborn.

– A.K Das, 14.01.2018

Copyright © 2020 by Akshay Kumar [Samal das akshay] All rights reserved. This Post or any portion thereafter may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher.

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Published by Akshay kumar das

An Mechanical Engineer, Physics enthusiast, Music Geek, Writer (Freelancer) I mostly spend my time in Writing physics stuffs and also reading them. I sometimes teach students. I like Music and it’s blend between Physics. I’m passionately curious about universe a cosmological horizon, which makes me to dig my head and twist my brain. Isnt' it ? this universe is so fascinating. I read books a lot. I loved to gift them too. When it comes to inspiration for Poetry and writing it’s Kalidasa ( Poet, writer) and when it comes to Science it’s Einstein, whom I call my guru ( A virtual guru) . Leonardo da Vinci is for all things which I do from painting to scientific ventures. and Swami sivananda and my guru mathaji are my guides to this life. A Spirituality - this is one serious thing I learnt in my life and learning, which transformed me from a less curious to more awaken towards the goal of life. This was gift from my mathaji (Guru) a saint from Mumbai lived in Bangalore lord’s grace ashram, but she is no more, lives in our thoughts. Now my Journey is at peak So this is me Akshay Kumar. Waiting for an Amazing adventure of life, that yet to be Come.

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